Classic-Rosewood TL Style

Builder: Bob

Comments: This was my first guitar build. Fretwire kits seem to have a pretty solid rep so I went with them. I'm pretty new to playing and the only guitar I had is a 1965 Harmony H-75. I love it but wanted to get something different to mess around with. The TL kit was fun, challenging, and rewarding. I had my artistic wife do an acrylic paint pour for the front and sides of the body to give it a bit of a marbled look. For the back and neck I used a gloss black. The most challenging part was the paint/clear coat, but persistence paid off. It has a smooth, hard finish. Best part is, like the reviews I read and watched; the guitar plays really great. Can't wait to build another FretWire kit.

Link: Find the Mahogany TL kit here