Builder: Tony

Comments: And Another Monster Build Done! This is my Resonator I named "Chopper". She plays as good as she looks! I have her set up for chord play with a couple of my custom tricks to make her a Super Smooth Player. The Tone is Fantastic! Played by the bridge and she has that Classic Delta Blues Crisp Twang, but move up towards the fret board and the tone gets Thick and Rich.... Great Sonic Dexterity! Also a Ton of Natural Volume with the spider cone... Perfect for Street Corner and Farmer's Market Performing!!! But why do I call her "Chopper" you ask? Because of the headstock inlay. Yes, that is a REAL Molar Crown of mine, complete with a chunk of tooth stump still in it. So Quite Literally I put a bit of ME into this build!

Link: Find the Resonator kit here