Cherry Candy

Builder: Tony

Comments: This is my Beautiful Lady "Cherry Candy".... I first caressed Her Wood with 220 then 400 grit until she was Baby Bum Soft. Such Smooth Curves! Next, she was highlighted with S.M. Cherry Red Stain and then buffed back with some worn 400 grit to bring out Her Spectacular Grain. Then to Protect Her Fine Maple and make Her Shine like the Stars, I gave Her 15 coats of S.M. Wipe On Poly - Gloss..... Oh, how Her Grain Rises Up! I Made Her a Buffalo Bone Nut with a progressed spacing to squeak out just a touch more space between Her EXL150 strings for play comfort. Couple that with Her Dual HH Pickups.... Oh The Tone!!!! I started down this path because of a Deep Lust for a Ricky 12er but I am Beyond Elated with My Results!!! ALL My Music Compadres are Envious!

Link: Find the 12-String 335 Style here