Brown Offset

Builder: Mike

Comments: First build! I used a water-based dye on the body...two parts medium reddish brown and one part dark mission brown. I’m really pleased with the color, and how the alder wood accepted the dye. I’ve tried oil based stain on alder with disastrous results...ended up with a splotchy ugly mess that I’ll have to prime and paint. After the dye dried I wiped on several (15 or so?) light coats of tru-oil. Once that cured for about a week, I rubbed it with stock sheen & conditioner (same maker of tru-oil), which resulted in a very pleasing satin finish. I used tru-oil on the maple neck also, but only 3-5 light coats. Had fun building this and learned a lot along the way. Needs upgrades :)

Link: Find the Offset 2 Single Coil Build here