Blue Velvet

Builder: Donnie

Description: This was my first ever guitar build, done as a gift for my older brother. The back of this semi-hollow body was coated first with black dye than sanded back and finished with blue. After several coats and a final sanding, the back was coated with several coats of clear lacquer. For the front I applied heavy navy blue dye, sanded back -intentionally leaving light and dark areas- applied light blue dye, sanded back -again, intentionally leaving light and dark- then applied several coats of base blue dye. The front was coated with about twenty EXTREMELY THIN coats of Tru-oil. With each coat of oil, the finish reflected in different and unusual ways. I bought alternative gold hardware for this build (I just didn't like how bright the silver was against the blue) and it really pops on the velvet-y background. I'm pretty proud of my first build, and can't wait to give it to my brother this Christmas.