Blue Stain-12 String

Builder: John

Comments: When I did the 6 string 'Blue Stain' Singlecut that's on here, I also wanted to build a 12 string to match it. I couldn't get the 12 with the spalted maple top, but the top I got was nice looking all the same.

This is a picture of the finished guitar with a new set of '59 pickups in it (I decided to upgrade).

I've also included a picture of the 12 and the 6 side by side, so you can see how they look together. I upgraded the pickups to '59s on that one as well.

Two notes: You really want to line the pickup and control cavities with a conductor of some sort, otherwise you'll get a lot of hum.

On both of these the nut was too tall, which affected the tone. I took the nuts off and sanded them down to a more realistic height. Just be warned: No one sells a nut that fits the 12 string, so if you mess up, you have to make it by hand.

Link: Find the 12-String Singlecut kit here