Black Satin

Builder: Trevor

Comments: This 125 kit started a bit rough, had to shim the neck for a good fit, but all other parts of the kit actually were quite good. Literally no setup of neck was required for it to play quite smooth and well. I wanted a vintage type hollow body, but also wanted versatility, which is why I fabricated my own bridge out of flame maple with a tusq archtop bridge. This allowed me to install a piezo pickup under the saddle and route it to an acoustic preamp I installed into the side of the guitar body. I then installed 2 separate output jacks, 1 for acoustic and 1 for the p90. I dyed the top, back and sides black, then finished with a satin/ matte clear coat that turned out great. just hints of the wood grain can be seen through the clear coat finish. I fabricated a pick guard and tailpiece out of flame maple to match the bridge, and finished all with tru oil to make the figure "pop". I also routed the headstock to inlay an ammonite shell that was purchased from a fossil store. Neck was left unstained maple and was coated with tru oil and then rubbed with steel wool to provide nice feel and slide. Overall very happy with the outcome of this kit, as well as the piezo bridge and preamp I installed. The acoustic sound is great, allowing for reverb, delay, chorus etc. And the separate output for magnetic pickup still gives the ability to get some growl out of it!

Link: Find the Hollow Body build here