Black Beauty and El Corazon

Builder: Art

Comments: Here are two of my builds from fretwire. I must say he has the best kits at the best prices and I've tried a couple others. The first is the mini ST. It's flat black (cast iron) with the neck stained ebony and the fingerboard darkened to a magassar ebony. I put in a heavier block vibrato with heavy duty springs. If you plan on doing this be aware it is not a drop in. You have to route out the back and shave the block down a bit. I made it into a travel guitar with machine inserts and machine bolts so it breaks down and fits in a travel bag. Upgraded the pickups. It's now a kick butt little guitar! The pick guard was hand painted by the artist David F. Horton. I used several coats of crystal acrylic to protect it. The other guitar is the 12 string es335. I got just the neck and body on sale and put grover tuners, lace sensor pickups and a bone and ebony bridge that I made full contact (the hight screws are just for looks) I wanted it to sound more like an acoustic 12 string. Just a single tone and volume and the switches change the humbuckers to singles. Gold toned the front and back and finished with tung oil varnish like old world violins. I made rosewood pickup rings and added a rosewood heart. A sweet sounding 12 string. I call it El Corazon.

Link: Find the Mini ST here and the 335 style here