Berlin Tiger

Builder: J.D.

Comments: This build is my first. I selected the Violin Bass Kit since I do not own a bass, and the wiring looked less complex than some of the other kits, which it was. The top of the body is stained in golden pecan, and the sides and back of the body in kona. I opted to leave the neck natural but did spray paint the face of the headstock in semi-gloss black. The bass was finished with fifteen coats of pure tung oil--except for the black face of the headstock, which was finished with approximately ten coats of a combination of brush-on and spray polyurethane (just enough to completely cover the decal)--followed by three coats of paste wax. All parts are stock with no upgrades, as of now. I had a lot of fun building this kit and look forward to working on another one. Thanks FretWire!

Link: Find this bass guitar kit here.