Bennys Benson

Builder: Ben

Description: I opened the box and was impressed right off the bat. The body and neck fit together perfectly and need very little work to prepare for refinishing. I watched a few videos and read the online instructions then went to work. I have done a lot of woodwork and some refinishing so this project was a breeze as well as a lot of fun. I used furniture stain along with hand brushed amber shellac and varnish the same way we refinish yacht cabinetry at our shop. I then purchased an upgraded wiring pot harness mainly so I didn 't have to solder too much , enlarged the holes, soldered a few wires and fished all the components in place. I used all the other parts in the kit, adjusted a few things, plugged her in and let it rip. Sounds, looks and feels great. I can 't wait to build another.

Link: Find the Semi Hollow Guitar Kit here