Builder: Carl


This is my first build. It's a short scale offset kit. The finish reminds me of crusty old barn wood hence the name Built with all stock components except the knobs for now. The frets needed minimal work. The 3rd fret marker was a bit low and required a couple drops of super glue and a bit of sanding to set right. The wood require minimal work to be finish ready. Great project and I'm genuinely surprised at how well it plays. It plays as well or better than my store bought basses that cost way more. Upgraded tuners and pickups are in the works as well as a 51 P bass style bridge cover in antique copper. The tuners do seem to hold tune well enough for home use. My main complaint with them is that they feel a bit rough in use. The pick ups are not the best I've heard but certainly not the worst. They balance well and are low noise, with a decent vintage tone. My main reason for swapping them is aesthetics, I want cream colored pick ups. The color was done with several shades of Rit dye. The top coat is Minwax wipe on gloss poly on the body, 7 or 8 coats I lost track. The neck and head stock have about 30 coats of Maquire's Gold Class Carnuba wax as a top coat. I stripped the chrome to the copper on all the metal components and left them a bit rough then stained them with black enamel paint for a vintage look. Then added amber top hat style knobs. Again this has been a great project and I look forward to building several more.