Baby Girl

Builder: David

Comments: This 5 string jazz bass guitar was made for my daughter's graduation from high school later this month. We laser etched the signatures of family, friends, mentors and teachers into the back of the body as a keepsake for her as she moves forward to college in the fall to study Music Business. Every detail and decision about this custom guitar was done with the intent to represent who she is as a daughter, a person and a musician. I am so pleased with how it turned out and she absolutely LOVES IT!!!!

Guitar Specs:

- EMG J5 Active Bass Pickups

- TK-0925 Gotoh GB350 RES-O-LITE Sealed Bass Keys

- DR Strings PURE BLUES Bass Guitar Strings (PB5-130)

- Babicz FCH-5 Top Mount, Original Series Bass Bridge

- JBVA-310P WD Custom Pickguard For American Made Fender 5 String Jazz Bass #10P Pink Mirror

- Rothko & Frost Custom Headstock Decals

- Fender Jazz Bass Control Plate

- Custom Laser Etched Geddy Lee Neck Plate

- Custom made guitar strap made be Jodi Head

Link: Find the 5-String J Bass here