Area 51 P

Builder: Brian


This is one of the most rewarding bass guitar builds I have done, though as you see in the pictures I did make one major change as when the project was getting closer to completed i decided on a neck with a traditional P Bass headstock with a Rosewood Fretboard though the neck that came with it was easily converted and I shaped the headstock into a Telecaster headstock with no problem, this particular build started with the kit and did some serious sanding and then did a Nitro lacquer seafoam green, I hand-wired all electronics using CTS Pots and then added a high mass bridge with a flipped vintage Bridge cover. The quality of all the components were top-notch and really nothing needed to be changed up, just did it as a preference, the seafoam matched up perfectly with the body and the Pearl pickguard, the pickup that came with it sounded fantastic so no reason to change anything else this has been gigged live numerous times and i would put it up to and Fender i have owned just a bit more massive on the bottom end.
I am three for three with the fretwire kits on having great products at a great price so was very happy they made this kit available

Link: Find this bass guitar kit here.