335 Bass

Builder: James

Comments: After researching several different bass guitar kits, and seeing Dan's review on his 'GunsAndGuitars' Youtube channel, I decided on your ES-335 style kit. I'd painted other guitars in the past but as this was my first guitar build, and the maple top was just too beautiful to paint, I decided I'd stain it. I used different combinations of cherry red and basic black stain by Colortone to get the fade from red in the center to darker at the edges and after several (3 or 4) coats each of Colortone sanding sealer and clear lacquer I was able to get the finish I'd hoped for.

I also did some cherry fading on the neck and headstock but ended up painting the front of the headstock black. I also experimented with several different logos and waterslide decal papers, but since my printer isn't cable of printing white I decided to do the logo in thin laser cut vinyl from a local shop. Several thin coats of clear lacquer on the headstock and you don't even realize it's a sticker.

I opted for all black hardware in lieu of the standard chrome and blacked out inside the sound holes to give the white binding a pop.

Overall I couldn't be happier with the product or the build results. My only complaint would have to be our local uncooperative weather that prevented me from finishing a week or two earlier.

Link: Find the Hollow Body Bass Kit here.