175 Style

Builder: Nathan

Comments: Well it took me 4 & 1/2 months but its done! We plan on upgrading the electronics but for now its all stock, except for the tusk xl nut and I also installed a roller bridge. On the body and head It has 10 coats of acrylic lacquer buffed out. The neck though is finished with Tru oil and is waxed. Not too bad for a guy who has Parkinson's and shakes non-stop. And I sprayed everything freehand. That about does it.....Oh yeah I almost forgot, I cut the guitar in half! I wanted something a little thinner. Looks great, plays great and you would never know I cut it in half if I didn't tell you. It actually turned out to be the best looking guitar I own. Thanks for all your help, can't wait to build another.

Link: Find the Hollow body guitar kit here