#151 From My Girls

Builder: Davide

Comments: This was my first ever attempt at making a guitar from a kit. I was blown away at the parts in Fretwire’s kit. The wood, frets, carve of the body and neck all were great. The neck fit nicely into the body’s pocket. The rest was up to me to mess up. Luckily, I was able to assemble it without mucking it up too much. I’m actually very proud of the result and more so of the sound and playability. I used some parts laying around my bench that I wanted to see on it but for the most part it’s stock and it sings! I hope you like it. I took my design from the Custom ‘57 or ‘58 single HP Les Paul and made mine in a LP Standard format. The pickup was taken from an old Fender MIM, the tuners are Grover Locking Tuners. I upgraded the pots to Bourns for vol and CTS for tone with an Orange drop. Using the tone I get this great wah effect. The clarity and tone of this set up is on par with my real Gibson. I could not be happier. Thanks Fretwire. I just started a brand new hobby. Special thanks to my two awesome daughters for getting me this kit for my birthday. Love you.

Link: Find the 1 HB Singlecut here