Vox DelayLab New from @NAMMshow

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Guest Review: Welcome to Steven Williams with a guest review of the Vox DelayLab.  Steven provided us with a great writeup of the features of the Vox DelayLab.
Vox really have gone all out on this one and have set their sights for the very top of the effects pedal market. It has a massive range of delay types from the retro, to the modern to the very unique and all this in a floor mounted, four-switch unit. Designed in Vox 's typical vintage style it looks good but not as stylish as we come to expect from their very high standards. It was designed to be suitable for all environments and I judging by its features and versatility I think a lot of people will be making some room on their pedal boards.
As mentioned it was made around a four-switch, cream coloured metal case with classic white chicken-head control knobs and obviously stereo inputs and outputs. The main feature of the effects pedal is the delay, which is the most commonly used and sought after effect and the Delaylab gives you plenty of options! From the basic ˜slap-back ' to the more complicated ˜ping-pong ' delay and every imaginable delay in between, and the modulation effects can produce a huge amount of tones. Over the years, since the birth of delay effects, different styles and technological advances have shaped generations and the idea is that there is a perfect delay effect for every situation. Therefore Vox have made the Delaylab effect pedal capable of just about every type of delay you could think of and a few new ones that you never know, could be on a new song any day soon! It 's all about the detail, which is why the presets can be edited to delay from 1ms to 4 seconds. But it doesn 't just stop with delays; the unit provides extensive looper pedal capabilities and you can create loops of up to 28 seconds. Quite impressively rather than being a separate delay this can also be used in coherence with other delay effects. The five control knobs on the front allow for complex delay tones to be edited with a surprising amount of ease. The Vox Delaylab is also very useful in live performance situations thanks to seamless program change continuing through current delay loops after the pedal has been switched to bypass or another program meaning smooth transitions between different settings. And to make to that much easier to tweak delays whilst performing and for more experimental effects, an optional expression pedal can be added meaning any parameter can be assigned and controlled as you play. The Vox Delaylab effect pedal does have just about everything you could want from a delay pedal and audio quality capable of matching any professional effect processor. This effect pedal really is going straight to the top and is capable of great things; and it wouldn 't surprise me if we see lots of guitarists using this soon, so if you hear a classic delay effect you 've not heard for decades or perhaps one you 've never heard before it could quite possibly be the Vox Delaylab. Believe it or not there is many other features and capabilities with the Vox Delaylab so for more information on it or the release date check out this site for more information or join the newsletter to be kept posted.