Top Guitar Twitter Feeds

Find deals, readarticles, make friends, promote world peace. All is possible on Twitter. Here are some of my favorite people and companies to follow. You should follow them too. Players @jamesbvalentine - You know, from that little musical group called Maroon 5. @LennyKravitz - Judging by the twitter feed, Lenny never goes home. Ever. @Slash - No publicity BS here. This is all Slash. All of him. @SteveVai - Little known fact: Vai tweets faster than anyone else. @LisaLoeb - Yeah, she is a guitar player. Back off. Lisa tweets herself, and she followed me back so I am putting her on the list. Guitar Makers @Fender - Fender posts multiple times a day. Giveaways, articles, and more. @MartinGuitar - If you have one, you follow out of pride. If you don't, you want one. So you follow out of envy. Either way, you follow. @GibsonGuitar - For a while there, every other tweet was about the Raid. Lately they have left politics alone in favor of better stuff, ie., Guitars. They tweet out recent blog posts, which are always awesome. @TaylorGuitars - Everytime someone tweets about their new Taylor guitar, Taylor retweets it. This has the effect of making you think everyone in the world has a Taylor guitar. I must have one as well. Accessory Makers @HardWirePedals - These guys are constantly giving away pedals. If you like free stuff, and you like pedals, you should follow them. Also, have you seen this tuner?! @ColossalCable - A cable is a cable? Nope. If you want the best components, hand made, these are what you want. We also had a conversation with Colossal Cable. @SeymourDuncan - A pickup is a pickup? Nope. Wait, have I used that line already? Its a brief list. Who else do you follow?