Top 5 iPad and iPhone Guitar Tools

Everyone knows people play guitar to look cool. That's also why people buy iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. So what is better than putting guitar apps on your mobile device? Right? Here are my top 5 iPhone/iPad tools for guitar players. I have not listed any chord finder or scale finder apps. This is because there are approximately 8 gazillion of those available. But here are some other useful and exciting tools.

1. Digitech iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard

The iPB is much more than a simple app, its a completely new way to use your iPad. Rather than fumbling through limited menus on a traditional multi-effects board, just pop in your iPad and start going. Drag and drop various simulated stomp boxes around the interface, and WAMMO! You have a completely custom setup. What is that? The next song calls for a different amp, different effects, and whole new order? Ok. It can do that too. You can switch pedal boards entirely in the middle of a song. That would probably sound bad, but you can do it anyway. With 87 pedals, 54 amps, and 26 Cabs, you should be able to find your sound. Over and over again. Check out the details here and buy one today.

2. Four Track

Remember back when multi-track recording was hard? You either had to buy a Tascam device, or connect 4 tape recorders together using a cheap Radio Shack mixer. Thats what I did. Recently I have been using the Voice Recorder option on my iPhone to jot down ideas for new tunes and send the file off to Adam. He has never complained that they always comprise one guitar part with vocals, but I am sure he wishes there was more. Now there can be. With the Four Track app, you can get rid of all your casette tapes (I seriously can't believe you still had those!) You just arm the track and start recording. More details here.

3. Ultimate Guitar Tabs

I am a big fan of I use it when my guitar students want to learn a song that I don't know, and I use it when I am learning something new. Imagine if you could have all the power of the website, in the palm of your hand! You can my friend, you can. The App sets you back $3 but that is a small price to pay to avoid all those ads. It has all the features you love, such as the ability to transpose, auto-scroll, and a huge friggin library of music. Its great to pull out when you have a request, or even if you just need the lyrics to an old favorite. Get it.

4. Guitarist

This one is less practical than the others, but more fun. When you can't have your guitar handy, pull out Guitarist. Now you can play a super tiny guitar to your heart's content. It does a good job replicating the experience of playing a real guitar on a small touch screen. It includes setup for 2 guitars so you can switch between lead and rhythm. You also have the option of strumming/picking the strings manually, or playing in a hammer on effect. Not bad, but I do wish I could bend. More deets here.

5. Metronome

What is this? Metronome? But all the other tools are so cool! Well I have news for you. Being in rhythm is cool too, buster. Super cool. I added the metronome because I have ended up using this app more than any other guitar app on my phone. Whether I am teaching a guitar student or just trying to master a new lick or two, it just works. Also, it looks like a real metronome. It's almost like I am sitting at my Mom's piano. If there was a giant chinese decorative fan on the wall above me, it would be complete. Also, its free.