Online Guitar Lessons

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Did you know you can take guitar lessons online? Well you can. In fact, there are about 5,000,000 providers of guitar lessons online. Wowza. Also, if you already play guitar, consider expanding your horizons by learning something new. So how do you know who is the best for online guitar lessons?  Simple.  I tell you. JamPlay is the best online guitar lesson provider.  Rather than just recording a few random lessons and throwing them onto a website, JamPlay has an extensive set of tools that are invaluable to those needing beginner guitar lessons along with those looking for advanced guitar lessons. 1.  Active community - Supportive players of all levels and skill type. They will accept you into their super exclusive club.  You will finally have that sense of belonging you always longed for. 2.  Chord and Scale libraries - Awesome reference tools.  Chord libraries you can find everywhere, but the scale library is unsurpassed. 3.  JamTracks - Unless you are learning guitar along with a buddy, you need someone to jam along with.  Especially when you start learning lead guitar. These JamTracks are ready for you to take the spotlight.  You can even use them to form a fake band.  Think of the adoration you will get from fake fans and all the fake money you will make. 4. Lick Library - Need a little inspiration?  Filter by lead or rhythm, key, genre, and more. Steal their licks and make them your own.  (sorta like Bowie did to Stevie Ray Vaughan  Playing guitar with gloves on? Sure. Thats normal.) 5. All you can learn - Rather than pricing based on individual lessons or time spent, JamPlay lets you watch any of their 2,000 HD Video lessons you want. As many times as you want.  You can quit your job and become a guitar god.  If you want. How much is all this?  Like $500 each month?  You would think so.  But guess what?  Pricing is from $20 to $12/mo (depending on the number of months you buy) If you are thinking of giving your guitar playing a boost, or want to dust off that old guitar in the closet, this is the thing to do.  So do it.  Now.  Seriously. Here are some samples of the online guitar lessons you have access to: