New Fender Pawn Shop Special - Greta @NAMMshow

Why is it that if you need a small, affordable practice amp, your choices are limited to cheap solid-state junk? How about something better? Fender answers that call with Greta. Part of their new Pawn Shop Special line.
Sporting the appearance of a vintage table-top radio, this two-watt tube amp puts out quite a punch. The amp features a single 12AX7 preamp tube, and a single 12AT7 output tube. Standard 1/4" input jack and an 1/8" mini aux input jack, perfect for jamming along to your iPod. The amp also features a 1/4" output jack, so the amp can be more than just a practice amp. It can also be a great sounding preamp for your effects chain or studio work. The best part about it? It looks cool enough to keep our on the shelf. Even my wife approves. The amp retails for $200, making it an affordable, even if novel, addition to your arsenal. Check it out.