New Fender Eric Clapton Signature Amplifiers

There is something about Tweed that makes my heart go all aflutter. Its just so... yellow. I have been faithfully playing through my '95 Tweed Fender Blues DeVille since, well, '95. These new EC signature amps really get my attention.
Fender introduced 3 new models, all bearing Clapton's signature. The first is the EC Twinolux, features a hand-wired chassis based on the specs of the '57 Fender Twin. It boasts 2 12" Alcino driven Weber speakers drivers, and switchable output power. One speaker can be switched "off" for even lower output performance. It features an expected variable-speed tremolo, made to vintage specifications for increased range.
The EC Tremolux is a 12-Watt Amp based on the 1950's Fender Deluxe. It features a single 12" Celestion Heritage speaker, and many of the other features of it's big brother, including the attenuated power output. Based on the size and switchable power, I think this makes for a really solid practice amp. Leave the big one in the trailer, take this one in the back seat. The littlest one is called the EC Vibro-Champ, based on the (you guessed it) '51 Fender Champ. Its a 5 Watt amp with a single 8" cone. I can't wait to play one of these. Between the vintage specs, the EC endorsement and the oh-so-yellow tweed, I can't resist. You know me all too well, Fender. I think you should buy all three. If you do, can I borrow one? Buddy Guy likes 'em.