Modified Gretsch G5120 - Great Affordable Tone

There is something truly beautiful about a hollow body electric guitar, and Gretsch makes the finest around. Its fun to play, its fun to hear, and its fun to have sitting out so people go "Oh, wow." I picked up a Gretsch G5120 a few years ago. I love the look, I love the bright orange finish, love the Bigsby, and I love how it plays. They are fairly affordable at approximately $750 or less. I was gigging with it regularly, the sun was shining, everything was fine. Then I met Jayson and found out how much I was missing. Jayson is the founder and principle technician at Guitar Hot Mods. They offer guitar and amp modification, custom wound pickups, and more. Their masterpiece is a 188 tone Strat. Thats 188. 188 different pickup configurations, most of which the standard Strat doesn't offer, such as Bridge and Neck pickups on together (Tele anyone?) or the neck and mid pickups out of phase for a completely unique tone. I was curious to see what Jayson could do to my Gretsch, so he carried it off for a few days. Here are some before and after shots: Before: After: Ok, those are the same photo. But you get the idea. It retains all of the Gretsch style. But What do I get? 1. Improved Tone Capacitors - This gives greater sweep across the tone spectrum when using the tone knobs. Its an inexpensive fix that makes a big difference. 2. Phase Selection Switch - When playing in the middle position, I can select to have the pickups run out of phase. This produces a deep, warm tone that is unmatched in the standard setup. 3. Single Coil Selection - Another switch places the front pickup into single coil mode rather than the dual coil. And I can select which coil I want on. It gives a bright tone when you want to really sing out. "But Sam, you showed us the guitar photos... Where are these "switches" you speak of?" Thats my favorite part (other than the new tone). The knobs now move in and out to act like a switch.

Everyone deserves their own tone. Finding it can be a life long process. Guitar Hot Mods makes that much, much shorter. Contact them today to learn how you can get the tone you deserve, no matter what guitar you play.

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