Limited Edition Gretsch "Cherry Blossom"

Gretsch recently posted a great story on their blog about the new G5422TDCG. This gorgeous guitar comes in Crest White, and a limited edition of 200 "Cherry Blossom" finish. The Cherry blossom is white with a very slight pink hue. As posted on their blog, the story goes that the painter in the factory used a line with some red paint residue...
Once the paint cured on the guitars, the shop foreman questioned the painter on his method of creating the now-gorgeous high-gloss white finish containing just a slight hint of red; a color thatwasn 't scheduled for use. Embarrassed and unsure at the time how the mishap occurred, the painter, in an effort to save face, confidently responded, What you see before you is not guitars painted the wrong color, but 200 instruments finished in the shade Cherry Blossom. 
I am not sure what to think, but I do like the idea of owning a limited edition guitar that is this good looking. What do you think, all hype or a true story? And is this "mistake" guitar worth picking up? The retail is $1350, I have seen them with a street price around $950. (About $150 less than the "correct" Crest White version). Either way, you can check them out here.