Less Mud and More Bite- Rice Custom Guitar Pickups Giveaway

Rice Custom Guitars is happy to announce that guitarists worldwide will have a chance to win a beautiful set of hand wound MR-S standard pickups (a $250 value). This contest, held on the Rice Custom Guitars Facebook page, runs through December 31, 2011.

About the Pickups

These pickups are my personal favorites for S-Style guitars. Their clarity, string-to-string balance, and versatility are sure to impress you. I 'm excited to be in a position to give this set away to a deserving musician, and sincerely hope you will enjoy their benefits,  said Rich Rice. MR-S pickups are a take on the classic Strat set, and are named for Matt Rice, who was instrumental in the development of the entire Rice Custom pickup line. MR-S pickups are wound as a matched set or individually to match your existing pickup(s). MR-S pickups come standard with flat polepieces and parchment or black covers. These pickups are Quick-Dip „¢ potted to eliminate squeal while maintaining desirable microphonics.
Featuring AlNiCo III magnets and vintage style hand winding, MR-S pickups are very touch sensitive and responsive to playing dynamics. Wind options include magnet type, magnet size, magnet stagger, wire gauge, and strength of wind. Custom MR-S series pickups are incredibly responsive and are perfect for clean tones, overdriven sounds, or full-on distortion without the muddiness inherent in most inexpensive pickups. The set of three has a $250 value and features a reverse wound, reverse polarity middle pickup for less hum.

Enter to Win

Head over to the Rice Custom Guitars Facebook page and enter to win a set of these.