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Like most musicians, I have seen ads and offers from CD Baby and other services a gazillion times.  I have never really needed their services before. But recently I co-wrote a novelty song about a friend, and we wanted to put it on iTunes to increase the novelty-ness of it all.  CD Baby had a promotion going on, so I decided to give them a try. The bottom line is that I have been very impressed. The promotional price of $4 for a single was absolutely ridiculous based on how much value they deliver. I am writing this revue as and unpaid, unsolicited endorsement of what they offer. Using their very strait forward interface, the song and cover art were easily uploaded.  I set the price I wanted to charge, and  I could select the genre the music fell into (Glam Rock, of course.) and several bands we were "Similar to" for the music matching services.  About 2 days later, we were good to go.  The track was for sale on CD Baby and we were ready to authorize digital distribution. Within 2 hours of approving digital distribution, the track was on iTunes.  They don't guarantee that level of speed (since it is as much to with Apple as CD Baby) but I was floored.  Within a day, it was live on Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, and a dozen other services (who uses all these services?) I have been very impressed with the whole process.  And I just used one of their services--you can also go to CD Baby for replication, credit card swipers for your merch table, and loads of other apps and tools. So there it is.  CD Baby is cool.  Now you know.