GrooveTech Guitar Toolkit by Cruz Tools

As a long time guitar player, at one point I bought a large set of Allen wrenches so I could adjust the truss rods on my guitars and the saddles on my Telecaster. The kit came with about 50 different sizes, including one that is so large it doesn't fit in the tray in my tool chest where I keep the others. As a young child I was taught that any tool is worth having, and will someday be handy. So I can't get rid of the thing. It just sits there getting in the way until I one day find an a need for an Allen wrench that is about 1" wide. I am a big fan of buying as many tools as I need. But I don't much like buying tools I don't. That is where the GrooveTech Guitar Toolkit comes in. Cruz Tools has a toolkit built for guitar players (and another one for you bass junkies) that gives you everything you need, and nothing you don't.
The GrooveTech provides everything you need to work on your guitar, plus an Easy Setup Guide that takes the mystery out of the process. Eleven hex keys are color-coded gold for metric and black for inch sizes, and long pattern for easy access. All truss rod sizes are ball end. Also included is a thickness gauge, ruler, capo, cutters, string winder, 6-in-1 screwdriver, and LED flashlight. Tools are lifetime guaranteed and pro-grade.
Just as valuable as the tools themselves is the Easy Setup Guide. The guide gives you a step by step instruction on setting up your guitar, giving you all the sizes and specs you need to put your fancy-pants tools to good use. I highly recommend Cruz Tool's GrooveTech Toolkit. You should get one. Today. Right Here.