Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin - A great archtop

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While looking over the massive guitar wall at my local guitar shop recently, my eye was attracted to a couple archtops I hadn't noticed before. I have always been a fan of Getsch, but I love seeing what else is out there. What I came across was the 5th Avenue model line by Godin Guitars. I hadn't really paid much attention to Godin, but I was impressed with the instrument I pulled off the wall. My favorite is the 5th Avenue Kingpin. In black. Flat black.
Godin builds all the guitars in North America, a few factories in Canada and one in New Hampshire. For a non-asian built guitar, I was expecting it to be pricey, but it isn't bad.  $700 for the model shown. Now about the guitar:
  • Flat black finish?  Yes please.  Although the sunburst and natural look pretty nice also (check out the matched woodgrain sides on the natural below.)
  • One, single coil P-90 pickup.  They want these to sound vintage, and they did an awesome job.
  • Acoustics.  Here is where a Godin 5th Avenue is different than many archtops out there.  This is an acoustic guitar with a pickup.  Not merely an electric archtop.  Unplugged it has a great warm tone and is completely viable for playing around the house.  Plugged in, the tone stays consistent.

A lot more info is available right here.
Want one?  I do.  I may have to unload an old guitar to get it.
Anyone want to buy an Epiphone Sheraton II?