Cort Z-Custom2 - Guitar Review

We recently had a chance to try out a great guitar- The Cort Z-Custom2, part of the Cort Zenox series. Premium style in an affordable guitar The Z-Custom2 has Mahogany body with a flamed maple top. The trans black finish on top of the flamed top is incredible. When combined with a Canadian maple set-in neck, the guitar has a seamless feel to it. It makes traditional bolt-on necks seem primitive.
Cort took the idea of a contour body to the extreme on these models. The curved top is nice and the contour back feels great. Combine that with inset knobs and switch, along with a String-Thru bridge setup and it has a great look. The trans black finish is accented with black nickel hardware for a dark, classy look.
Plays as well as it looks The Z-Custom2 features two EMG Humbucker pickups. This guitar is hot. Plugging it into a Fender tweed, I was amazed at how much drive I was able to get. I admit that isn't the right amp for this guitar. Plugging it into a solid state with lots of power, I can only imagine how it would sing. The trade off can sometimes be a lack of dynamism with pickups that hot, but when you want to shred, this would do it. The Cort Z-Custom1 and Z44 have different pickup options that would provide completely different voicing styles. Even with the hot EMGs, the tone didn't suffer. Rolling off the tone provided a nice range of sounds that are very well suited for a variety of music styles. The guitar played extremely well. The fretboard is fast and didn't slow me down at all. A complete package The Cort Z-Custom2 is a great looking guitar that sounds and plays as well as it looks. At an MSRP of $950, it should be a great option for man players.