Bohemian Guitars - Oil Can Guitars #namm2014

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Lots of folks already know it, but Kickstarter is changing everything.  Historically one of the biggest barriers to entry for any manufacturing project was simple: Capital.  Most people don't have it.  Kickstarter is changing that, and its quite visible in the music space.  At Namm 2014, I ran into several companies that had gotten their start using crowd funding, including Bohemian Guitars. Bohemian Guitars I saw these guys pop up on Kickstarter last year, and I will admit- I had my doubts. An oil can guitar? The guys made sure I stopped by their booth and put a guitar in my hands.  I get it now. The guitar is funky, but it plays well.  It sounds distinct- and of course, I have to have one.
The founders, brothers Adam and Shaun Lee spent their childhood in Johannesburg, South Africa.  On a recent trip back, they noticed how resourceful locals were at upcycling materials (including empty cans) into playable instruments. Bringing the idea home to the US, they launched a campaign on Kickstarter and the rest is history. The brand is growing up with several great variations. The best part is, the design of the can compliments the sound of the guitar.  SurfWax, for example, features a p90 pickup and a great surf tone.  
1391144219209_surf.600w You can only buy so many sunburst Les Pauls and Strats before your wife says "Hey, don't you already have one of those guitars?"  With these guitars, you won't have that problem.  You don't have one already. While they are inspired by South African refuse, they are a bit more pricey than the average can of oil.  But at $300-$500  its worth adding one or twoto your collection.
Check out all the models at Bohemian Guitars.