You Need This Guitar Stand

When you have one guitar, it makes sense to have a single guitar stand. Before long, you add another, and another, and your wife tells you that you love your guitars more than her, and you add another guitar.... Before long you have single guitar stands everywhere. Or else they are stuck in their cases and shoved in closets, never able to be seen nor played. Tragic. Rock Solid Guitar Stands offers a great way to store and display your collection, without making your house look all crowded. Unlike the typical unattractive and unstable metal multi-guitar stands out there, Rock Solid Guitar Stands flow quite well in any decor in your home or studio. They are also very stable. For more information visit
In October of 2011, Rock Solid Guitar Stands will be introducing The Classic 4,  and The Show 5.  These two new multi-guitar stand models offer an alternative for players with guitar collections of various sizes. The Classic 4 is perfect for someone with limited space. It is only 33  wide x 28  high x 18  deep. The Show 5 is truly a unique design. Let 's face it, you want to show off your favorite guitar and have it accessible at all times. That 's why The Show 5 has a specially designed fifth slot which let 's your most precious guitar stand out and get some extra loving! Be sure to visit Rock Solid Guitar Stands on the web in the following places: Official website: Store: Twitter: Facebook: