An Interview with Jamz Originals Guitar Straps @JamzGuitarStrap

I recently came across Jamz Guitar Straps on Etsy and was very impressed. Everyone knows how important a proper wardrobe is to Rock and Roll. And the same way you wouldn't wear your leather pants when you go to Wal-Mart (well, maybe you would) your guitar doesn't want to wear the same thing every day either. I had a chance to ask the folks at Jamz a few questions to see what they are all about: What is Jamz Originals all about? Jamz is about enabling artists to project personality and style with their tunes. Most folks won't recognize the brand of your expensive guitar, but they will always make note of the guitar strap it is hanging from. Our slogan is "Every Guitar Deserves a Wardrobe," and it's catching on, as we have many return customers who just have to have a few more. We continually strive to put out high quality straps with fresh, unique designs that are strong and ultra comfortable. Where did the idea for Jamz come from? That's a tough one. I would have to say that it slowly evolved. My wife would often help out one of our friends who makes camera straps. We bought a couple from her, and we loved how they were personalized to our favorite sports teams...and we were just blown away by how comfortable they were. We have a son who plays the guitar. One night I was messing around on his guitar, and I made an off-the-cuff comment about how my camera strap was more comfortable than this Made-in-China nylon. That's when the light bulb finally flipped on in my head. What have been your most popular styles? Our Southwestern collection sells like crazy. (Navajo, Inca, Aztec, Kokopelli) That kind of took us by surprise. Our floral designs and argyle prints also sell really well. And our Day of the Dead collection has always been a big hit, which is no surprise, as skulls and rock n roll kind of go hand in hand. The amazing thing is that we have 98 different designs, and they all keep moving off of our shelves. We truly do have something for everyone. If I had to name our top 3 sellers, I would say they are "Navajo", "Preppie", and "Snoozin' Hooterz".
What has been the response from your customers? We really enjoy reading the feedback that we get from our customers. They rave about how comfortable our straps are, and they express their amazement that they look even better in person than in our photos. We also get high praise for the outstanding craftsmanship, and for our great customer service. That last one really means a lot, as we pride ourselves on the fact that even though every strap is made to order, that we can get each one made and shipped within 48 hours. (most go out within 24 hours) We respond quickly to every one of our emails, which are numerous, as we get quite a few custom requests that require constant communication.
We have been in business for 10 months and have sold 618 straps to customers in 27 different countries, and we haven't had one negative feedback review. That speaks volumes. Any prominent players using your product? I wish! We've been so busy building our business and perfecting our craft that we haven't really had time to market our straps to the big boys, so to speak. There are quite a few bands who have found us, and we have made custom straps for them. A couple come to mind at the moment. Circle of Fate is a band based out of Chicago that we endorse. There's also an international band "Mystery Gang" that is huge in Hungary, of all places, that keeps buying straps from us.
What's next? Any new products on the horizon? We are now adding the option of adding a "pick pocket" on our straps, as we get quite a few requests for those. We are also fine tuning the process of screen printing personal photos on to straps. This began with a unique custom order request that we did for a customer last Christmas. It was something we had never even considered until she asked us if we could do it. The finished product was just incredible, so we've been working at it to see what we can do to lessen the costs of this process without sacrificing the quality so we can work it into our shop.
We are also planning on expanding our straps to include band instruments. (Mostly horns) Or any instrument in marching bands. That's still a few months down the road. To check out all the Jamz Originals products, head over to the Jamz Originals Etsy Shop. You can also follow Jamz on twitter to hear all the latest product news. UPDATE: The folks at Jamz were nice enough to provide readers of The Fretwire with Free shipping on any order. Just use the coupon code THEFRETWIRE at checkout.