• Mr.Maple

    Builder: Robert Comments:  Dbl.cutaway done with wipe on poly. Link: Find this guitar kit here
  • G-Bass

    Builder: John Comments: This is the Jazz Bass kit and my first build. I completed this during the first couple months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Th...
  • Mystery Science Theater Tele

    Builder: Jules Comments: This was a fun build! A friend made me the decal. Hope you like it. I don't build a lot of p-90 TL's but the sound is out...
  • Some Kind of Monster

    Builder: Rob Comments: Second guitar I've built from Fretwire. Overall, it's very nice and I love the look of the wood top. However I wasn’t happy...
  • Creator Spotlight: Julius Burgert

    Julius Burgert has been a frequent customer of The Fret Wire. We were recently inspired when hearing his story, and decided to share it with the w...
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