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Sweet Baby Doll

Builder: Jason Comments: First build for me, Used all replacement parts…Authentic Bigsby B7, Rolling bridge, Mid size Grover Rotomatics, Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90’s, all wiring etc. Painted the pick up rings vintage white & sprayed clear acrylic. Pick guard & Truss rod cover hand shaped out of pearloid plate. Truss rod cover shaped to match the […]

The Bob N Backer or Bob Barker

Builder: Rob Comments: Super easy to assemble! The neck joint was nice and tight, the frets feel great and all the holes were perfectly lined up.I had intentions of a lot of mods for this, but I would say that I am pretty happy with the basic kit. Link: Find the Mod Bass Kit here

Bass #1

Builder: Charlie Comments:  I took the perfectly good body I purchased and cut it up and added walnut accents, one accent strip at a time. After each cut and glue-up, I would cut another part of the body and add another walnut strip. Once this was completed I had a bit of sanding to do, and some […]


Builder: Chris (& Son) Comments: This was a first build for us. All the work was done by me and my 10 year old son. We had a ball working together on this project for the past couple of months and it was a lot of fun! The guitar is a gift for my brother. I used […]

Jimmy the Jazz Bass

Builder: Cole Comments: A fantastic five string fret-less Bass. Jimmy was constructed and built from a D.I.Y. kit in the United States of America with the help of my mothers boyfriend Bill. Jimmy’s body color is suppose to resemble the same beautiful dark color of the fret-board, only with a hint of red. Jimmy will be debuting […]

White LP

Builder: Larry Comments:  Here’s my new favorite guitar! I will definitely buy and biuld more of these. Fun project. I own a semi truck and I used the same paint on this as I did when I panted my truck. Kinda special to me. Link: Find the P90 LP kit here.


Builder: Jim Comments: My 2nd guitar (1st strat) kit build. Used wood dye for the back/sides, left the top/neck natural. The finish is Tru oil, Upgraded the pots, jack and wires. Spent more time on the finish that everything else combined. Final assembly was 1 shot through the F hole (Thank God). Set up was minimal and […]

Double Nickel

Builder: Kevin Comments: This kit is a guitar and Bass all on the same body. This is the second kit I have done. My first one was “ Walking Liberty “. This kit all went together well. I did change the electrics and added a tone and a toggle switch for a neck and bridge changing setup […]


Builder: Dave Comments: Expected the carved body detail as shown in the kit pics online — so I had to route out my own detail (hence the name) — but even with that (or maybe because of it) this was a great build experience! It’s my third kit guitar and I made some rookie mistakes on the […]

Eric’s Experience

Builder: Eric Comments: I built this and painted it using acrylic paint markers with poly afterward and then a glittery finish to make it pop! I did some…deep thinking… of what makes me, me, and what I love and I’ve experienced. On the back I just went full out psychedelic on what I love and grabbed a […]

Double Cut

Bulder: Mike Comments: Double Cut  model. Filled switch recess in upper horn for much  sleeker look. Personalized head stock shape. Black on Walnut stain. 6 coats Polyurethane on top. Replaced hummers with new black and white pickup pairs. (bright and crisp – no mud) Special wiring is switchless. Pickup selection via volume pots. Custom chrome knobs with […]

Blue Jean Baby

Builder: Charles Comments: This is my first build although I’ve done some other amateur lutherie. I used the Keda dyes blue. The guitar got 3 applications of dye over 2 days. Followed by 6 or so applications of Clear Danish Oil. The neck received the same treatment. Once finished with Danish Oil I finished the body with […]

The Visionary Moore Paul

Builder: Bill Comments: This is my second build. I wanted a signature guitar for recording, and playing live. I fell in love with one of the builds here, but naturally wanted to do something more personal. I started with dye: yellow for the core of the fireball burst, red for the outside. I replaced just about every […]


Builder: Jay Comments: This was my first build and I’m pretty pleased with it. The flame figuring in the maple was perfect for a natural finish. There are a few cosmetic changes that I’d do next time around but I think she turned out quite nicely. Everything is straight from the kit except for the strings. I […]

Candy Apple Blue


Berlin Tiger

Builder: J.D. Comments: This build is my first. I selected the Violin Bass Kit since I do not own a bass, and the wiring looked less complex than some of the other kits, which it was. The top of the body is stained in golden pecan, and the sides and back of the body in kona. I […]


Builder: Riedstra Comments: Finished the Ric as I always had in mind. Applied flame maple veneer on the top, added some toasters and made a more original looking pickguard. Very glad with the guitar. It’s one of my most beautiful guitars now. Link: Find the R style guitar kit here.

Sedona P-Bass

Builder: Tom Comments: This was my first build and it was a lot of fun, I used all stock parts. The finish on the body and head stock are Minwax Sedona Red Stain and 9 thin coats of Formby’s Gloss Tung Oil Finish. The Neck got 3 coats of Formby’s. Link: Find the P-bass style bass guitar kit […]

Burnt Honey

Builder: Steve Comments: This was my first build and I must say I’m very pleased with the results. It really has a presents to it. The kit from The FretWire was very well produced setting me up for a nice easy build. The body had a nice cap giving me some quilting in some parts..bonus! The neck […]

Vintage Axe

Builder: Robert Comments:  I bought the tele kit and decided on vintage amber for the color. I used a couple cans of stain to complete the body. Then used a wipe on poly for a sealer. In comparison to new amber teles i thin my amber is closer to the original. bottom line I was happy with […]

The Visionary Bass

Builder: Bill Comments:  I built this bass to have a signature instrument to put on my tracks, and maybe do a live gig sometime in the future. I chose Aniline dye, instead of paint, for it’s ease of use, and application. I chose a deep purple color. After applying the dye, letting it dry overnight, and sanding […]

The ChrisCaster

Builder: Chris Comments: This was my first build and my first electric guitar. I’m 55 and have only been playing for 4 months. It came out great and I was especially happy with the neck as it required very little fretwork. Link: Find the Tele Deluxe Guitar Kit Here.


Builder: Doug Comments:  My first kit. I always wanted a Les Paul but who has $2200 lying around. Did some research on diy kits and figured it was worthy endeavor. I was very pleased with the quality of the components. I did want to upgrade some things. Gibson Style tuners, Zakk Wylde EMG’s, a lower profile bone […]


Builder: Frank Comments: I wanted to build something different from the usual Strat kit and the “Mossy” JR style kit caught my eye. I made a few modifications that included (1) sanding down the nut so that it would work with the zero fret, (2) upgrading the electronics, (3) replacing the weak bridge pickup with a […]


Builder: Scott Comments: My first guitar build. Painted with Dupli-Color perfect match paint. GM Bright Red. Link: Find the ST Guitar kit here.